Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two and a half what?

I realize I haven't posted anything for a little while. So, in order to calm the unrest of my fans, I am here with another post. I'm just up to the same old stuff. Jenny and I are most likely going to Bear Lake this weekend for conference. In October we're going to Disneyland. We're going to hop in the Subaru and drive down for a few days. My classes are going alright. I'm actually understanding all of them so far, which is surprising. When the air is cold during this time of year, it gets me thinking about the upcoming ski season. It's time to say goodbye to our good friend summer, and arrange for the welcoming of our better friend, winter. I'm trying to find some time when I can go and get the ol' Xtra Hots tuned up. I think I'm getting new tires for the Subaru right before we go to California.
On the subject of dealers are crooks. Yeah, as if we didn't already know that. Well, when we bought the Pathfinder, the dealer only gave us one set of keys. He said that if we wanted another set, he'd have the dealership take care of it. When I called him to tell him that we did want another set, he told me that the dealership was unwilling to pay for it. So, either we had to pay for it, or he said he would pay for it. Oh, by the way, the cost is $100. Well, I thought about telling him to go ahead and pay for it. Then, I found on ebay a blank of the key we had. Cost? $15 after shipping. What about the transponder chip inside? Well, there is a locksmith in Bountiful who will program it for $30. Yeah, I think we'll do that. Still though, that's a lot to pay for a key. Jenny is in the middle of writing a mean letter to send. I've also recently replaced the filter in the Pathfinder and put in a K&N filter. I've noticed some added power and slightly better mileage, about 2-3 more mpg. Well, hopefully this is enough info on my current life to keep all of the inquisitive people at bay. Thank you, and goodnight now!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New car

Well, we got the civic back a week ago last Thursday. That night we went out looking for cars. We ended up trading it in and getting a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder on Friday night. Yeah, it's pretty sweet. We took it up to Bear Lake that weekend and I tested out the four wheel drive through some mud. It performed beautifully. So, the semester is going okay so far. My econometrics class is already an absolute joke. I'm basically going to be teaching myself for this class. My other classes seem okay. So far in my feminist economics class, we've talked a ton about feminism, but I think I've only heard the word "economics" uttered once. We'll see how this goes. Nate thinks that I should've bought a VW Rabbit, and looking back, I guess I can see his argument. Wait, nevermind. Anyway, that's about all that's really happening these days. Talk to you later. Out.