Sunday, May 09, 2010


I've been playing this game lately. It combines everything that I like in an action video game: puzzle solving, terrain traversing, and stopping a madman and his army of mercenaries in order to save the world. On top of that, the graphics are some of the most incredible I've ever seen. Yes, I confess, I like video games. A few years ago I decided to stop pushing away my geek side, and instead accept it. This game is for Playstation 3. I like playing Wii when I'm playing with other people, but for hard-core gaming, I'm all about the PS3. I also like the PS3 because, if you want, it can be turned into more than just a gaming system. Last Christmas, I pulled out the 60 gig hard drive and replaced it with a 500 gig hd. Since then, I've been working on loading all of my movies onto the PS3 so that with a few clicks of my remote I can be watching the movie of my choice. Oh yeah, and there's the whole ability to play blu-ray movies.

I've been able to play video games lately because I finished school, for now. I've graduated, but eventually I'll go back for my MIS. So, my time has been filled with spazzing out with the little guy, watching movies on weeknights with my wife, and generally feeling more relaxed. I like no school.