Sunday, November 14, 2010

"He just went sailing right out there!"

I wanted to post a little something about a truly classic movie: "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World." I was introduced to this movie by my wife when we were dating. She couldn't believe that I hadn't seen it and she insisted that we watch it. Well, almost three hours later, I was pretty disappointed. I really didn't think it was that great of a movie. Well, I've watched it multiple times since then and it gets funnier every time. A few years ago, Jenny and I found a DVD copy of the movie for $7. We snatched it right up.

This movie has the who's who of comedy from the 50s and 60s. Ever since I became familiar with this movie, I've started to notice references to it in other shows and movies. There is an entire scene from The Simpsons that is a parody of the last part of this movie. A few years ago they did a remake of it called "Rat Race." If you haven't seen this movie, drop me a line and I'll let you borrow it. However, I might require you make a deposit!

"Just hit the button marked 'booz'!"