Sunday, February 06, 2011

Wild Friday

This last Friday was a busy day. My day started off with me waking up at 5:15. I got up, exercised, and got ready for the day. I stepped outside at about 6:45, just in time to see my dad rounding the corner onto my street to come pick me up. He dropped me off at work at about 7:05. From there I had a routine morning until about 9:00 when we had 40 boxes delivered. These 40 boxes included 9 commercial laser printers with all of their accessories. The rest of the work day was spent removing everything from the boxes, breaking the boxes down, hauling garbage out to the dumpster, and assembling the printers. At about 3:30 I went into the bathroom and took a shower and changed my clothes. At about 4:05 I logged off my computer and headed outside to wait for Jenny to come and pick me up. She arrived a few minutes later and we proceeded to head down to Provo. Disclaimer: I absolutely loathe Provo. Perhaps the only place I hate more than Utah County is Las Vegas. After getting lost a little bit in Orem and Provo, we arrived at the BYU Museum of Art for the Carl Bloch exhibit. We had to move through the exhibit a little quicker than we might have liked in order to keep Flint happy. He stayed happy, but unfortunately he was in a chatty mood and this didn't seem quite like the place for conversation. Once we were finished with exhibit, we went out into the lobby of the museum and met two of my sisters with their kids. We waited while Nat fed the boys, and then we headed out to Cafe Rio in Provo. We arrived to a jam-packed Cafe Rio, which we expected. Jenny and Michael skillfully found us two large tables next to each other while the rest of us got in line to order. A few minutes later, I maneuvered my way back to the tables carrying two trays off food. Then, I headed back into the melee to get some drinks. The little guy ate his quesadilla surprisingly well. After some visiting we left and headed for home. We got home right between 8:30 and 9, just in time for the little guy's bedtime. Jenny and I were in bed just after 10. A fun and exhausting day.

Also, the exhibit was fantastic. Any time you have the opportunity to see excellent original artwork, it is always worth whatever inconvenience it might cause to see it in person.