Saturday, January 30, 2010

State of Irritation

Jenny and I have been discussing the State of the Union address this last week. In case you're looking at the title of my post and thinking that I'm about to bash on the address, you're wrong. Let me preface this by saying I'm not an Obama lover or apologist. However, I like to think of myself as somebody that doesn't blindly follow the first thing I hear. One of the things I've been hearing people knock on Obama for is the idea that he's not fiscally conservative. Here's some numbers for you. When Bush took office, the national debt was approximately $5 1/2 trillion. When he left office it was over $10 trillion. Don't talk to me about the current administration's spending. Bush doesn't even know what a budget is. One of the most basic principles of economics is that when the economy is in a recession, it's usually because there is a lack of cash in the market. One of the big ways to put cash into the market is through government spending! This is a principle that I have heard out of Republicans mouths again and again, but when a Democrat says it, Republicans are suddenly against it!
The Republicans talk about government staying out of business and then in the very next sentence they complain about government bailouts. Guess what? It is government staying out of business that allowed for companies to get so big that the economy couldn't afford to let them fail. This type of thinking is the equivalent of almost eating yourself to death and then complaining that you have to exercise and eat right to lose weight.
I am absolutely sick of how during the address the Republicans sat in their seats and pouted like little kids who can't get their way so they don't want to play anymore. You can sit and whine, or you can be part of the solution. It sounded to me like Mr. President already had a plan for all of the things he mentioned on Wednesday. What plans do the Republicans have? I haven't heard one yet.

Monday, January 11, 2010


That's the word that I would use to describe my blogging habits lately. I've been putting a lot of my thoughts on twitter, simply because it seems to be a more convenient way for me to express what's on my mind at the moment. I'm sitting here thinking about what to say and I have the concept of defining moments in my head. We all have defining moments in our lives that we look back on and we can see how the rest of our life has changed as a result of that moment. I have a different view on this though. Do you ever run into those people where it seems that they interpret every moment in their life as a defining moment? These are the type of people that will react in an extreme way to anything and everything that happens in their life. I wonder if recognizing defining moments can be a defining moment. Have you ever been able to recognize that a significant event was about to happen before it ever happened? I think that those are the times in life when you really learn what it is to be alive. Wow, it's late. That must be why I've turned rambling philosopher all of a sudden. I'd better hit the kill switch before this gets out of control. On an unrelated note, Wii is fun, but PS3 is still best.