Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Friday at work

Well, this is a picture of what I was doing at work on Friday morning, sort of. Some of the events for the Dew tour are right across the street from where I work, so me and my buddy Gary went and watched for a little bit while we were on our daily walk. The only camera that I had was the one on my phone, but I think it turned out alright considering my situation. So, it was pretty cool. We were just standing on the grass outside of the fence and we could see just about everything we wanted to see. On another note, I resumed work on my model Porsche last night. I spray painted the outer frame and got a lot of work done on painting and gluing the engine block and suspension. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I'll have to post some pictures along the way. I'm pretty bummed about this upcoming week. Jenny is going out of town for work for the entire week. Then, on Wednesday I have to leave for Richfield. It was pretty rough when I had to be gone for one night. I didn't sleep at all that night and I was completely drained the next day. I think next week will see me running completely off of caffeine, because I don't think I'm going to sleep at all. So, hopefully I survive!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Trippin' on business

Well, not much has been going on lately. On Monday I have to go on an overnighter in Cedar City. We're going to audit two region offices down there. It's my first overnight trip for work, so I'm a bit curious about how it's going to go. I'm going with a guy from work who's going to kind of show me the ropes about these audits. We're taking a state car, but at least we get our own hotel rooms. At the end of the month I have to go to Richfield for two nights for a conference. (這些地方在Utah的南部) I am definitely not excited about that one, especially because I'm going to miss the season premier of The Office for some stupid social activity. You might be asking "But Cam, why don't you just ditch the social activity? You've never been shy about ditching those types of things before?!" Well, I'm on the planning committee for this "wonderful" event, so I have to go. Well, Jenny is in the other room right now reading the third book in the "Twilight" series. Have you heard of these? Seriously, once those books get cracked, you can pretty much say goodbye to your significant other for a few hours. Well, I got hit by the dork bug the other day. I watched Apple's presentation on the new iPod touch. I was impressed, except for the crappy memory. Hopefully by the time I've saved enough money (which will be a while) they'll have a newer version with more memory. In other news, we paid off our Pathfinder yesterday. Last weekend we were at Bear Lake when the huge storm system rolled through. The above picture is our view right after we were blinded by the downpour. Props to my wife for the sweet pic. (Props是做的很好的意思)